We meet no ordinary people in our lives if you gave them a chance everyone has something amazing to offer.


The world is changing. we talk about globalization, we are inventing new things and trying to make our life easy and beautiful. Society is more educated now and the graph is increasing day by day. we are capable to do this because we got the opportunity to take education.we have a family we live together and take care of each other. We do work so that we can earn money for leaving.we are people with different cultures and traditions and we respect that.we have a government which is chosen by all of us. but we are just one side of the coin, There is one another world. Due to war, religious issues, economic issues, political issue people from southwestern Asia South Asia and African countries are trying to migrate to Europe.from January 2015 to March 2016 number of asylum seekers was around 1 million and the number is increasing day by day and the death or missing ratio in this type of activities is more than 2 persons per 100 people.


The world is full of diversity, different regions of the world have a different type of people, they feel comfortable in different spaces with different materials they are in different situations. we live in an environment comfortable for us. We always think about us and our families security, privacy and future.what if some situations make us leave these things behind? I think this context is really important because they are suffering because of someone else decisions and actions, very few people cares about there human rights.I feel it very relevant to me because I lived in different parts of India for study purpose and many times I have faced some problems because I was an outsider even though I have the nationality of that country, I don’t use to feel safe. But I knew that I have a particular area where I can go anytime if I don’t feel safe, I have a family and friends to help me out with any situations.but conditions are really worse for international migrants they don’t have any proper support,any place to go back, what are they doing is looking for is better place to live with future for there children and family. Once I had visited slum area(migrants from different states or rural area in India) near my school in India, they were living in really bad condition. I asked them few questions like, what you do for living and where are you from, why are you here, do government support you,do your children go to school, what do you think about there future and all.more than his answers one questions asked by him made me more nervous, he asked what will you do by knowing our situation?many strangers like you come here and ask us same questions and I never saw them again.and what we did? we started going there every Saturday to spend some time with there children we used to teach then sketching and basic education, but after coming here and visiting Greece I started thinking again, was that an appropriate action on my questions? or it was just another humanitarian move. Even they get education Most of them beg on streets part time till they become young and then they start helping there father in his work which is mostly auto driving, working on streets, junk collecting etc.what they think, what is more important for them, money or education? Or its a condition making them do that. The government gave them houses in one part of a city which is far away from there workplaces so what they do now is they still live in slums and gives those houses on rent use that money for living.what is more important for them, shelter or a job? For everything, I was comparing this two different but bit similar scenarios.like in Lesvos people are working on situations like this but is a temporary solution just like India did in the past.the internal migration in India is four times the migration happening worldwide, the population is moving towards cities.because of no permanent actions and increasing number, many people are suffering, both migrants and local people. they said we are sending children to the schools we are providing them education but, is this education enough to make them success full in this competitive world?what about adults?wasem one of the victim, even though his financial conditions was a bit OK, he strangled a lot to continue his studies, then how is this crisis affecting normal adult refugees? Most of the refugees used to take education in their own native language, now in different country different language, even if we start teaching them a new language and they don’t gate asylum they have to change the country and again same things. I see this crisis becoming a bit similar to the present condition of India. In lesbos we saw two camps, conditions of both the camp were different, one was like a small village but on the other hand conditions of another camp were really bad.what are the factors responsible for this?population, people organizing it, given treatment or government? Another thing I was thinking about was how are we going to deal with fear or hate?fear of losing jobs for local people and of not gating one for migrants.fear of facing bad behavior from local people for refugee and of activities like terrorist attach and robbery for local people.fear of losing their culture for migrants and of influence of other cultures for local people.few examples like what happened in Israel and few parts of India like Hyderabad, Mumbai makes me think about that. I would like to work more on how can we give them a better life and not only shelter food or cloths. I think the situations are still controllable but the proper direction is very necessary.

till now in my text I had written about how are the things now and what are the situations. how can we create peace between these situations and facts? as  Mahatma Gandhi said once, we can achieve our goals by working on issues calmly without getting violent, and that’s how we can make peace also. riots are not healthy for anyone. by spreading more and more awareness in people, by educating everyone about the facts, what exactly is happening all over the globe. I know that its a long time process and it’s really hard to change peoples mind but proper steps can make the change.mahatma Gandhi’s views gave independence to Indian people, it proves that it’s practically possible. many artists like Ai Weiwei became the voice of migrants, they spread awareness, criticise laws through there artworks and exhibitions.



field study:-

1.EXPLORE- things,material,situations,people,space.






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