UNDERSTANDING CLIENT- A. Questioner - 1. According to you What is the USP (unique selling point) of the cafe and space? 2.what is the slogan of the Indian club cafe? 3.what are the principles of the Indian club cafe?     4.what are the nearby landmarks ? 5.what is your expectation from space? 6.open space/closed space ? What will be the number of people accommodating  in open and closed space at a particular time and throughout the day? 7.what are the different activities going to happen in space? 8.what is the target group? 9.what will be the number of workers in the cafe ? 10.who is the target group? (couples/small groups/big groups/ Family? And what age group?) 11.what type of space are you expecting casual, formal or semi formal space?  12.what is your menu? (please send the menu card) 13.how much time do you want them to spend in a cafe? (interactive elements or not) 14.please send us basic dimensions of the existing space (inner space and outer space with beam to beam and column to column lengths, bathroom, stairs,height of ceiling, height of windows from ground, height of the windows, height of the door,)  15.are there any limitations regarding space? (like height of the ceiling) 16. Who all are the competitors ? 17. What level of luxury/facilities are going to be provided?

B. Making draft of answers

STRATEGY MAKING- cafe come fast-food chain A.basic activities done in the cafe or fast food chains - [make draft] Primary and secondary research(field visits) - observe: space planning, food served- menu and how is it served, furniture type, sizes and arrangements and learn terminologies, color schemes, materials used, finishes of materials,

B. covid-19 pandemic and gathering spaces (cafe/restaurants)- spreading formula, prevention measures, social gathering norms by government and researchers m

THE INDIAN CLUB- A. food served - menu, service, kitchen machinery, essentials storage, needed dimensions of dishes/boxes and table sizes, table ware requirements,

B. activities- seating/toilet and basin/reception/drinking water, order/receive/pay, vast management and garbage/empty dishes collection, interactive activities, menu placement,

C. target group & no of accommodation- target groups, age groups, expected time spend, interests of those age groups, purpose of visiting in addition to food, design for personalities or users

collect permanent customers - bhu students base can be created ( customer retention ), notify customers time to time about events or new dish or offers

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