Furniture And Interior Designer




This is Mayur Hajare, 

for me Design means the merging of engineering and art with an understanding of humans. Growing up, interacting with people around me as well as practising art as a hobby and later on studying engineering helped me to embrace design instinctively.   Furniture and interior design even more so because of how much human interaction it involves. We humans in every action of our daily lives are in one or the other way in contact with our furniture and space. Thereby giving me the ability to improve and enhance the human experience.

Design wasn't something I just started doing after getting into NID, Ahmedabad, my journey commenced long before I got here and still goes on. I was born in a small village, Jaamkedh in Maharashtra, India, a fairly rural place where life was very different from what I know today. After moving out of the village I went to a boarding school in Ahmednagar. After which I went to Kota and then came to Ahmedabad, which again were very different environments.

During my stay in Ahmedabad, I got blessed with the opportunity to go to Konstfack University, Stockholm which offered me with varied experiences.

All this made me experience all levels of society and connect with them at a very personal level. This helped me become more empathetic which I find an extremely essential component of the design. 

I like to imbibe certain habits which help me to in turn improve my work ethic.I find it essential to always follow the design process despite the time constraints. My design process involves studying personas for primary research followed by secondary research based on the information collected. Then based on all the data collected, I design various possibilities where I  try to balance engineering and art to give creative and interesting results.

Also during the design process, I find it essential to go back to any stage and revisiting it time and again. The design process not only looks into minute details but also assures results. 

I have a great interest in spatial design and also like incorporating various aspects like biomimicry and making dynamic furniture with respect to the space which my engineering background aides me with. Since furniture and interior design involves huge amounts of human interaction, it is necessary

to focus on the wholesome experience of the concerned person. Keeping in mind that the environment creates behavioural patterns in the person involved. I like to take into consideration physical attributes like ergonomics and colour, materials and finishes, while also keeping in mind qualitative aspects like mental health and personal experience. 

All in all, I strive to design furniture and spaces which provide wholesome personalized experiences which are democratic designs at the same time. The effort has been put to create interesting products and spaces that involve the person but don't add extra burden of activities to be performed on a regular basis.

In conclusion, my main focus is the experience through design so that the user gets the best out of what I  create.